The app default language is English, however, the app is localized to several languages to cover most of our users needs, here is how to change the app language:

For the mobile apps (Android and iOS):

The first Step would be to go into the app settings, by pressing on the Gear icon on the top left of the screen:

Then, scroll down the settings menu tell you reach the (Account) section, under that section, you would find (Region) tab, press it:

That would take you to another screen where you can change the app Language, Currency, and Date Format:

Pressing on Locale would show a list of all the languages that the app could be used in:

Also pressing on Currency would show a list of currencies that the app supports, the app covers almost all world currencies:

Also pressing on Date Format would allow you to use your Local date format, the app support multiple date formats:

For the web version:

The web version would display automatically under the default language of your device, unfortunately it does not contain setting to change the app language or date format, however, you can still change the app currency from the settings tab.

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