While the app only generate basic reports for the invoices and estimates that was sent, however, the app also contains a feature that would allow you to create your own tax reports and customer statements, that feature is called the (Export) feature.

As the name suggests, this feature allows you to export all you invoices and estimates data into a CSV file, which you can handle through any Spread Sheet editor like (Google Sheets or MS Excel) and create your own customer statements, or you can simply forwarded it to your accountant to generate your tax report.

How to use the feature:

First, you would need to open the app settings, through the gear icon on the top right:

then scroll down to the invoice section, and press on Export as Spreadsheet:

It would take a few, depending on how big your data sheet is, then the app would show you the option to share or save the exported file as:

Then you would be able to save the generated CSV file to your device, and you can import it to MS Excel or Google sheets, then it would only take some filters and equations to generate a customer statement, or create a report to file for your taxes.

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