Invoice Simple's mobile apps allow you to share invoices and estimates via text message (also commonly known as SMS). On the main screen of any invoice or estimate, you'll see the built-in Send button in the lower right corner (blue circle with a paper plane). After pressing this button you should be presented with the option to send your invoice via Text.

After selecting the Text option, our app will take you to your Messages app with a pre-populated text containing the number of the invoice and the link to it. Pretty neat, huh?

Pro tip: If your client has a mobile number saved in their profile, this information will also be auto-completed in the Messages app.

You can also send invoices and estimates through a number of messaging apps using the Share feature. Check out this other article for more information. Now you've learned two ways of sending your invoices and estimates via text message!

Please note that while Invoice Simple gives you the ability to send invoices via text message, the actual sending process is done by the messaging app of your choice and may incur additional SMS charges from your carrier.

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