The Invoice Simple mobile app has a cool feature that can help you check the status of any invoices or estimates you send via email. This feature allows you to check whether your invoice has been successfully sent, delivered, read, opened, etc.

To access this information, you just need to tap on the History tab that you can see at the top of any invoices or estimates' main screen.

Here you can find some of the main Status messages that you can see on the History tab and their meaning:

  • Sent: the invoice or estimate has been successfully sent to the email address shown next to the status message. It also shows the sender's name in case you have multiple users for the same account.

  • Delivered: the invoice or estimate has been delivered to the email address shown next to the status message. This means the recipient's email provider has accepted our incoming email message.

  • Opened: the email message containing the link to the invoice or estimate has been opened by the recipient.

  • Read: the recipient has opened the email and clicked on the link to view/download the invoice or estimate you sent.

  • Dropped: In some rare cases, the email message won't be successfully delivered to the recipient. This typically happens when there's a typo in the email address, but could also be related to other technical issues. In case you're presented with a Dropped or any other error messages here, please contact our support team for further assistance.

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