Good news! The most recent versions of Invoice Simple mobile apps already make automatic cloud backups of your account data. This means that if you want to access your account from another device, you only need to download the Invoice Simple app, log in with your credentials, et voilà! All your account information will be readily available there once the app finishes syncing.

Say goodbye to complicated manual backups or cumbersome processes for exporting your account data to a file. Moving your Invoice Simple account to a new device has never been easier!

You can also ensure that your account data is backed up in the app settings. Next to the Sync menu, you can see the last time your account was successfully synchronized with our servers (aka the last time a backup was made). You can also tap Sync to force a new synchronization at that time.

If you’re seeing an error message or having any other issues syncing your account data, please contact our support team so we can help you fix this.

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