All Invoice Simple apps offer you different ways to obtain a PDF version of your invoices and estimates.

If you are using the mobile version: open the invoice you would like to save, then press on the three dots on the top bar, and tap Print. On Android devices, you should see the option to save as PDF. On iOS devices, after getting to the printing preview screen, zoom in until you see the Save icon at the top right corner. After tapping this button you will see the options to save or share the PDF version of your invoice.

If you're using our web app: on any invoices or estimates, you'll see the Get Link and Print Invoice buttons located at the bottom of the menu options on the left side of your screen. If you click on Get Link, you'll be taken to your invoice link which has a PDF button located on the upper left side. If you click on Print Invoice, most web browsers will give you the option to select Save as PDF as the destination for the printing job.

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