When a payment transaction clears, PayPal gives you instant access to your funds through your PayPal account balance. Many retailers and service providers accept PayPal payments (yourself included), but if you would prefer to have your funds automatically transferred to a bank account, here's how to set that up:

Connect your bank account

If you haven't already, you'll need to connect your bank account to your PayPal account. For step by step instructions on how to connect your bank account, check out PayPal's handy guide here.

Enable Auto-Sweep

Now you just need to tell PayPal to automatically send any available funds to your bank account. To do that, first click this link and sign in:


Once signed in, you'll be in the Money, banks and cards section, where you'll find an option called Automatic Transfers.

  • Click Manage to the right of Automatic Transfers

  • Then click Edit

  • Under the question "Would you like to enable Auto-Sweep?" click Yes

Now just select the bank account you want your funds to transfer to. If you don't see a bank account listed on this screen, make sure to follow the steps for connecting your bank account here.

Now anytime a payment transaction clears, it will be automatically transferred to your bank account. Automatic bank transfers typically complete in 2 business days.

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