Every time you create an invoice or estimate, a number is assigned to the it. By default, these numbers start at INV001 for invoices and EST001 for estimates and go up in sequence whenever you create a new one, so your second invoice will be INV002 and so on. The first number in this sequence can be manually set by you at any time in the app settings. For instructions on how to do that, please see our article titles Customizing your Invoices and Estimates located here.

Sometimes, an invoice or estimate can accidentally be created with the same number as a previously existing invoice or estimate. This is typically going to be caused by sync issues.

What are sync issues?

Your invoices, estimates, contacts, items and other information are not actually stored locally on your device. This data is stored on a remote server that syncs to your device every few minutes. Many times, when you’re seeing issues with duplicate invoice or estimate numbers, this is because there is an issue with how this data is being synced to your device.

What are the causes or sync issues?

Sync issues can be caused by network problems, like a poor Wi-Fi connection or problems on your carrier network. You can also see issues when you’re using the app on multiple devices and they have not all had the chance to sync.

How do I avoid sync issues?

Always ensure that your device has a strong signal or internet connection before creating invoices additionally, you can check when the last time your device synced and also manually sync in Settings under the Account header.

It is not typically necessary to manually sync the app, but if you are moving from one device to another, it’s recommended that you manually sync before creating an invoice.

If you continue to see issues with duplicate invoices numbers after ensuring that the app is syncing regularly and your device has a good connection, please contact support.

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