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What is Invoice Simple Plus?
What is Invoice Simple Plus?
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What is Invoice Simple Plus?

The most popular option for small businesses to send nice-looking, easy to create documents on-the-go.

Everything in Essentials, and:

Up to 10 invoices per month

Create elegant estimates and invoices in a matter of seconds. Just tap, type and go. Whether you’re on the road or at home, Invoice Simple is the easiest way to manage your small business invoicing. Learn More

Add photos

Invoice Simple allows you to add an image to any of your invoices or estimates. This image will be displayed on both the web and PDF copy of the invoice or estimate can be enlarged simply by clicking on it. Here’s how to add an image to your invoices and estimates.

Business owner signature

Make your invoices look as professional as your business. Our estimate and invoice templates are designed to be easily understood and look great. Simply choose an invoice template and add your business signature.

You can also add your own standard notes, logo, and photos of your business.

Autofill client & item info

Don’t waste time retyping the same information again and again. Save frequently used invoice line items and client details as you go so that you can re-use them later. Perfect if you have repeat customers and regular services. You can tweak saved invoice items, or create new ones, for different customers at any time. Learn More

Due date reminders

Get paid on time, without any hassle! You can now send payment reminders to your customers when you add a due date to your invoices. We’ll prompt you when it’s time to send a reminder, and we even have message templates you can use.

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