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How do I keep a record of expenses?
How do I keep a record of expenses?
Updated over a week ago

Invoice Simple gives you the ability to maintain a record of expenses. You can include a scanned copy of a receipt in your expense listing and even export a spreadsheet of all your past expenses. Here’s how to do that.

Adding an expense

Hit the Expenses tab at the bottom of the app

In Expenses, hit the plus sign in the lower right corner You will have the option to either scan a receipt or manually add your expense data

If you choose Scan Receipt, your device camera will automatically open, allowing you to scan. Once completed, you will be directed automatically to your expense listing

From here, you can edit the expense details. Hit back to save the data automatically.

Creating an export of expenses

In settings, hit Export Expense Summary

Next, choose the date range for the expense date you wish to export

Additionally, you can include your scanned receipts in the export by checkmarking Include Images. The receipts and the expenses spreadsheet will be sent to you in two separate messages to your reply email address in your Business Details.

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