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How can my customers cover the PayPal processing fees?
How can my customers cover the PayPal processing fees?
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Invoice Simple gives you the ability to have your customers cover the PayPal processing fees. To find out more about PayPal fees, please consult this article.

How does having your customers cover the fees work?

Invoice Simples offers you two ways to pass fees on to your customers.

Surcharge protects your profits by adding a conditional fee only when your customer pays an invoice with Invoice Simple Payments. The surcharge is applied automatically at checkout when your customer pays with credit card, debit card or PayPal. If they choose to pay offline, the surcharge isn’t applied on the invoice.

Mark-up protects your profits by distributing the cost of payment processing fees across all your invoice items. This method is not conditional to your customer paying online or offline.

Having customers cover the PayPal processing fees on the Mobile App

To turn on Passing fees, start by going to Settings and hitting Payment Info.

From here, hit Method under the Payment Processing Fee header.

You will have the option choose between Surcharge and Mark-up. Toggling either of these settings will affect all future invoices. Please bear in mind that the fees will not be added to any invoices created before this feature is turned on; Any legacy invoices you have will have to have the fees manually added. If you would rather add fees on an invoice by invoice basis, you will have these settings available in the Payment Info section of the invoice edit screen. Selecting either of these options there will turn it on for only that invoice.

Having customers cover the PayPal processing fees on the Web App

Go to Settings and toggle Cover Processing Fees under Payment Processing Fees.

You will be given the option to choose between Mark up and Surcharge. Selecting either option will enable this setting for all future invoices

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