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How do I create an Invoice or Estimate?
How do I create an Invoice or Estimate?
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Invoice Simple’s main purpose is to give you the ability to create and send Invoices and Estimates to your clients. Here are instructions on how to do that in both the Mobile App and Web App.

Creating Invoices and Estimates in the Mobile App

To create an Invoice or Estimate in the Mobile App, you’ll want to tap either the Invoice or Estimate buttons at the bottom of the app to reach their respective tabs.

From here, tap the plus sign in the lower right hand corner.

You’ll find yourself in the Edit screen. On this page, you can alter your Business Information, add Contact Information for your Client and add Items.

To alter the respective fields, simply tap on them. Here is what the expanded Contact fields looks like.

If you discover that you need to change the order of the items after you've already added them, you do not need to delete the items and re-add them in the correct order. Instead, you can change the order by hitting the Reorder button just above your items. Once you hit this button, you will be able to drag and drop your items in the correct order.

Once you have set the correct order, hit Done to save your changes.

The edit screens for Invoices and Estimates look mostly the same. The key difference is that the Estimate edit screen gives you the ability to convert the Estimate into an Invoice once you receive confirmation that your client has agreed to your terms. You can find this option at the very bottom of the edit screen.

Once you're done editing, you can preview how your Invoice or Estimate will look to your client. You can do so by hitting Edit at the top of the screen. Here is an example of an Invoice preview:

If everything meets your standards, then you’re ready to send the Invoice or Estimate. To do so, hit the arrow in the lower right hand corner of the edit screen and select either email or text message.

Creating an Invoice or Estimate in the Web App

To create an Invoice or an Estimate on the Web App, you’ll want to go to click on Invoice or Estimate at the top of the page hit the New Invoice/Estimate button.

From here, you’ll find yourself in the Invoice/Estimate edit page. This is where you can enter your Business details, your client details and items. Both the Invoice and Estimate edit pages are exactly the same.

Once you’ve entered everything, you can preview your Invoice/estimate by hitting Preview at the top of the page to see how your invoice will look to your clients. Here is an example of a invoice preview:

If the preview meets your standards, you’re ready to send the invoice. Tap on the Email Invoice button in the upper right corner of either the Edit or Preview screen.

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