Invoice Simple gives you the ability to customize several details pertaining to where you do business, such as currency, language and tax year. You are free to change these details at any time, making it easier to adjust to any big moves you may have planned in the future.

Customizing your Region in the Mobile App

You’ll want to start by going to the app settings by hitting the gear icon in the upper left.

Next, hit Region under Account.

You’ll have several options to fill out, such as your language, currency, date format and tax year. Altering these settings will change what’s displayed in the preview panel, so you can instantly see how your changes will be displayed on your invoices and estimates. Hitting back will automatically save your changes.

Customizing your region in the Web App

Most of your region settings, like language, are pulled directly from your browser settings. However, you can change your currency, locale, date format and tax year. To do so, go to settings by hitting the gear icon in the upper left.

Next, scroll down to Region to see where you can change these options.

Browsing away from this page will automatically save your settings.

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