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How do I export a spreadsheet of my invoices or expenses?
How do I export a spreadsheet of my invoices or expenses?
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Invoice Simple gives you the ability to export a CSV spreadsheet of your entire invoice history. You can view and edit this spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel, Apple Numbers or any other program capable of opening a .CSV file.

Exporting a spreadsheet of your invoices

You’ll want to start by going to Settings by hitting the gear icon in the upper left.

Next, hit Export as Spreadsheet under the Invoice header

You will have the choice of sending it via email or SMS as an attachment or uploading to a cloud drive of your choice. Once opened, you can view and edit the spreadsheet. Here’s an example of how the spreadsheet looks.

Creating an export of expenses

In settings, hit Export Expense Summary

Next, choose the date range for the expense date you wish to export

Additionally, you can include your scanned receipts in the export by checkmarking Include Images. The receipts and the expenses spreadsheet will be sent to you in two separate messages to your reply email address in your Business Details.

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