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How do I mark an Invoice as Paid?
How do I mark an Invoice as Paid?
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In certain situations, you may accept a payment outside of a regular online payment. Invoice Simple allows you to manually record a payment on an invoice. Here’s how to do that.

Marking an invoice as Paid in the mobile app

In the invoice edit screen, scroll to the bottom and hit Mark Paid.

From there, you will be directed to the edit payments screen. Hit Add Payment

You will be directed to an area where you can choose the payment amount you wish to add to the invoice. Once you choose the amount, hit Method.

Once you choose the payment method, you will be directed back to the edit payment screen. From here, you can either add another payment or hit back if you are finished. The payment will now be visible on the invoice to both you and your client.

You can now send it to your client if they require a receipt.

How to mark an invoice as Paid in the Web App

On the Invoice Tab, find the invoice you want to mark as paid and it the three dots to the right of the total.

A menu will open that will give you a Mark Paid option. Hovering your cursor over this option will let you choose a payment method

Once the payment type is selected, you can send the paid invoice to your client of they require a receipt.

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