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How can my clients pay me with Venmo?
How can my clients pay me with Venmo?
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You may encounter a situation where a client requests to pay with Venmo. Invoice Simple gives you the ability to receive payments via this method for customers in the U.S. Here’s how to do that.

Start by sending the invoice to your client via your method of choice. If you already have payments enabled on your Invoice Simple account, you do not need to do anything additional. For instructions on how to enable payments on your account, go here.

When your client opens the invoice and hits the pay button, they will have the option to select Venmo if they have the Venmo app installed on their device. Hitting this option will automatically open their Venmo app and agree to the payment.

If they are viewing the invoice on a laptop or PC, hitting this option will display a QR code. Scanning this code with their mobile device will take them to their Venmo app.

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