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How can I request a client signs an estimate?
How can I request a client signs an estimate?
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If you would like your client to provide a signature of approval on your estimates before you convert them to invoices, Invoice Simple provides you with the ability to do that. Please bear in mind that this signature is for presentation purposes only and is not legally binding.

How to request an estimate signature

Start by going to settings toggling “Request clients to sign estimates” on

The next time you send an estimate to a client, the estimate email will display a request to review and sign the estimate

At the top of the estimate, your client will have a Sign button next to the Print button.

Hitting this button will display a pop-up requesting them to confirm the name for the signature.

Once the name is confirmed, the signature name will be displayed in cursive.

Hitting Sign will send the client a confirmation email. The signature will then be displayed on the estimate along with the signed date.

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