Invoice Simple gives you the ability to request a deposit from your customers. If you are set up to accept payments with PayPal, you can request a deposit taken from the total amount of the invoice in units of 10%, 20%, 30%, 40% or 50%.

How the deposit looks on your invoices

Let's say you have an invoice with a total of $5,000.00 and you want to request a deposit of 10% of the total. Adding a 10% deposit will change the Balance Due to this:

The Balance Due is now $500.00, or 10% of 5000.00. When your client views the invoice you send them, the will see they owe $500.00. The payment screen for the invoice will now show the deposit owing along with the percentage of the deposit.

Once the deposit is paid, the invoice will show the paid amount with the date paid and subtract it from the final amount.

How to request a deposit on an invoice on the Mobile App

In the edit screen for your invoices, you will see a Deposit section in your payment configuration window

Hitting None to the right of Amount will let you choose a deposit percentage. Doing so will automatically add a deposit to your invoice.

How to request a deposit on an invoice on the Web App

In the edit invoice screen, you will see an area just below you payments setup where you can configure a deposit

All you need to do is select what percentage of the total amount of the invoice you would like to request as a deposit. Once you do so, you will see the deposit added to the invoice.

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