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How do I generate a statement of invoices for a client?
How do I generate a statement of invoices for a client?
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If one of your regular clients requests a statement of their invoices with you, Invoice Simple allows you to set that up and send it to them directly from the app itself. You can even specify what types of invoices you would like to include in the statement as well as a date range. Here’s how to do that.

Generating a Statement

You’ll want to start by hitting the clients tab and tapping on the client you would like to generate a statement for.

Next, Hit Generate Statement at the bottom of the client information screen.

A draft of the statement will be generated. To modify what appears in the statement, hit the settings button in the upper right,

A pop up window will appear that will allow you to choose a date range. You’ll notice that Include is set to All invoices by default.

Hitting All Invoices will allow you to narrow down to just Outstanding invoices or Paid Invoices.

Hit Apply Changes to save your statement configuration. This will bring you back to your statement preview. Here is an example of what the preview will look like.

To send your statement, hit the blue arrow icon in the lower right and choose whether or not you want to send it by email or SMS.

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